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Taking Good Care of your Swimming Pool

First Things First - Safety!

1. Ensure everyone who is invited to swim in your home pool is aware of the depth of the pool.
2. Most domestic pools are not designed or built to accomodate diving.
3. ALWAYS ensure children are supervised by a competent swimmer at all times.


It is essential to take good care of your swimming pool to increase its life and to become aware of any problems prior to the need for costly repairs.

With an outdoor swimming pool the maintenance schedule should involve:

A. Weekly Servicing

B. Winterisation or Autumn Shut Down

C. Recommissioning or Spring Opening

As part of your weekly servicing, always remember to:

  • Check and correct PH and TA levels and disinfectant  at least every week as per the manufacturers recommendations.


  • Check the filter and backwash as required.

  • Check the pump coarse strainer basket.

  • Check and clear your surface skimmer which removes floating debris - the larger debris are trapped in the basket and the finer particles are caught in the filter. Remember to empty the skimmer basket as required and if there are trees in the vicinity a more frequent check may be necessary particularly during blossom and leaf time.

  • Vacuum the pool as required or consider buying an automated cleaner from your maintenance company.

  • Top up your pool... your pool should be kept full of water at all times (except where winterising has been undertaken where the level may have been lowered).

  • Ensure leaves are removed from the bottom as leaves lying on tiles/liner for prolonged periods may cause staining.

  • On a liner hopper pool with steep sides, do not encourage standing on the slopes. In hot water a pool liner is pliable and feet can cause wrinkles.

  • Any dirt accumulation around the water line can be removed with a specially formulated tile and liner cleaner. Regular use of the tile and liner cleaner will give the best results. (Do not use household cleaners, strong acid, wire wood or a wire brush, as these will damage the finish.


Above All: Have your pool equipment serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

The above details and more can be found in 'The Home Owners Swimming Pool Handbook' produced by the Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association.

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